Thursday, July 14, 2011

Mom's preparation - Adorable!!

This is one of my ever favorite Recipe - Mor Kozhambu (Typical south Indian Yogurt recipes). Yummy, Lip-Smacking, Delicious, appetizing, tasty and go on....It tasted awesome..Just loving it and love you mummyy.... :)

PS : It goes well with the most of the south Indian dishes and tastes well with plain rice too - Thogayal rice, Paruppu podi rice, Coconut podi rice is the top most priorities to enjoy the taste of it!! {Please forgive me if some one doesn't understand this :) }


  1. Mouth watering de :)
    Its been a long time since i had it.

  2. achooo :( You are the queen of recipes :) so just try preparing it de :)