Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Huhhhh !!!

Chennai traffic....huhh!! The worst!! Good thing is, Bus and train are good ways of commuting in chennai. However, commuting by bus is bit worse than train irrespective of the rush!! I seriously wonder where do the ppl go apart from the ppl who go for office, schools and colleges. Simultaneously, I ll also think that is a stupid thought because every one has their own responsibilities to do some thing in this world...!! :)

As population grows, man's invention is also growing equally !! This helps human society in a massive way still it is also complicating day to day life. Doctors say "Please don't get tensed, stay cool!! ".. I burst out laughing for this statement. This is because, Tension is now in every moment..Traffic is the biggest tension for every one now!! Tension's sister is "Chennai's climate" which is again a worst factor!! The hot, hotter and hottest!!! (though it may be cloudy now!!)...

I don want to talk how to control this traffic because I know its a long process :) Lot of initiatives should be taken..I am bored of it thinking what are the effective ways to control traffic !!? I actually thought this when I saw an ambulance stuck up in the traffic..It was really a pathetic situation for them because they have patients inside who are struggling for their life !! Now man's invention became an enemy of another man!! This is the most unfortunate fact happening now!! Do you think this chennai traffic can be controlled at one point if initiatives are taken??!

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Music is a wonderful bequest from the deity. It has become an elixir of human life. Everyone in this world likes Music in different forms. I am not an exception to it. However, yes!! I am different from a normal person who likes Music. I am ardent lover of it. I am very much passionate about it. I have been learning carnatic since my 4th grade. Basically, my grandmother is a professional singer since her young age. Therefore, I learnt music from my guru as well as from my grandmother. I was born and raised in Kumbakonam which is a small town near Tanjore. Hence, I really do not have a chance to expose my talents apart from learning it.

In my 6th grade, I started listening to our renowned vocalist M.S. Subbulakshmi songs. Her songs were so graceful and I was so moved after listening to it. I have a high regard for her. Later, I started to know more about her and wanted to become like her. She is from a conventional Brahmin family. She also started learning Carnatic in her early age and also Hindustan music. She was a consistent stage performer and was raised in an environment very conducive to learning. Her first recording was released when she was 10 years old. The first public performance was during the “Mahamaham” festival in Kumbakonam in the age of 16. At the age of 17, she started to perform on her own. She performed a variety of music in different languages. 
She traveled to London, New York, Canada, the Far East, and other places as India's cultural ambassador. Everyone was so moved by her performance. She is an epitome of Music and proved that Music is a language that doesn’t have any barrier. She has remarkable foot prints in her career. She proved that she can achieve heights since her young age though she is from a conservative family. She is really extrovert and dauntless to give public performance in that young age. She was the first musician ever to be awarded the “Bharat Ratna” and also “Ramon Magsaysay award”, Asia’s highest civilian award. She is the inspiration for everyone who loves and breathes Music. She has also been awarded “Padma Bushan” and also “sangeetha Kalanidhi”. Her achievements are endless!! I mean it!! Though she is not in the world now, she has so many people who have her as a role model like me!!

The young generation should learn a lot of things from her. Even she has her own family but she acted as a caring wife and the best vocalist in the world. She loves her husband a lot which made her to avoid public performances after her husband’s death. She has been so faithful to him. Being a woman, she has achieved a lot despite lot of hurdles. Everyone should learn this from her irrespective of her career side. She has completely devoted herself to music. In a nutshell, she is an embodiment of love and versatile. Yes!! I am really blessed to have her as a role model. Equally, India is sanctified to have a woman like her! She would be definitely a role model for the younger generation too!! Come on guys, why we can’t achieve great heights?! Yes we can!! Join hands!!

Awesome Invention!!

Everyone has different hobbies. My hobbies are singing, reading novels, Listening to music, Travel to different places..Even , I love to cook different dishes. Now, I would like to introduce blogging also. Hats off to the person who founded/created this blog. This gives a lot of encouragement to the bloggers to post their views. This is a tool where you inculcate your ideas to the whole world. Its one of the best!!!! I would start blogging it from now on....I had a plan of creating one but implemented it finally on 24.11.2010....The first day in blog!!! Please do post ur comments for the topics shared here!! Its FuN!!