Thursday, November 10, 2011

Paintings during my School day(s) - Found my Treasure today!! :)

School days are wonderful days which I always cherish. It's a treasure!! When I was digging something today in my cupboard, I happen to see my drawing book where I have pasted few paper cut outs which are specific to science field (as I am crazy about science since my childhood) and when I was turning over the pages, I saw few drawings which I still cherish :) Yess, its done by me!! :) My face was turning red when I was turning over the pages and it was a great feel. I am happy that I happened to find this book today and its very precious to me!! Here are those few paintings done by me during my school day(S).

My sweet kutty Teddy bear :)-------)

Joker - A cute picture---)

I am frozen today on seeing this, though these are simple sculptures:)!! See you all in my next blog :)