Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Imperative Facts To Know For Weight Reduction !!

1. Fat percentage for men - 10 to 20% and Fat percentage for women - 20 to 30% ( If it exceeds, it leads to health related problems)

2. Ideal BMI (Body Mass Index) - Between 19 and 23 (Normal), Between 24 and 29 (Over weight), Above 30 (Obesity - High risk of diseases)

3. People should weigh according to their height (For example, if height is 155 cm, the ideal weight of a person is 55 kgs --) Height - 100 = Ideal weight).

5..Rice and wheat - Both are rich in carbohydrate and Sugar. The advantage of having Chapattis - Rich in fibre which absorbs Cholesterol (Majority of the people skip rice and have chapattis as a replacement to rice for reducing weight which is definitely a Presumption).

6. Dieting alone doesn't help in reducing weight. Proper food supplements intake (like Proteins, Vitamins, Minerals), proper choice of food, Low calorie food intake (Calorie intake & the rate its burnt constitutes a major part of it) helps a lot in reducing weight. (Of course, a bit of walking and small exercises also adds flavor to it!)

7..Protein is very important to our human body like the Cement for a building. They are the building blocks in our body. The right daily amount of quality protein is very essential. X weight (Kg) of a human body = X gram of Protein - Normal amount of Protein Intake.
(Proper proportionate of Protein and calcium is important. Even if one is high, the accumulation of either of those forms gal stones/ Kidney stones). Protein plays a major role in losing weight in a healthier way.

High Nutrition + Low Calorie + Small Exercises (like Walking) = Healthier life + Weight Reduction 

Hope this helps for you too. See you next time..!
Stay Healthier and keep smiling!!!!!!!!!