Monday, November 7, 2011

Onion Rice and Traditional French Fries!!

Recently I tried Onion Rice and traditional french fries (as it was made in my own way :) ). I really loved the combination along with simple Onion Raita. Both these dishes are effortless to make and amazing combo for lunch!! These recipes are quite familiar due to which I am giving few tips rather than a complete recipe to make the dishes more lip smacking and delicious. :)

Tips to make this recipe more tasty :

1. Onion Rice - Add Corn flour powder before the masala is mixed well with rice. Also Squeeze lemon (according to the quantity of rice) after mixing it well with the onion masala. Pepper powder & Coriander powder adds awesome taste eventually. Also add less mustard seeds and more cumin seeds (Jeeragam). If you love to have this more spicy, add more pepper powder and chili powder.

2.Traditional French Fries - This is very similar to potato curry as every one do. One difference is the way we chop the potatoes. Chop up the potatoes in the form of thin and fine sticks (U can observe it in the picture). This way of slicing the potatoes is really eye-catching. Add chili flakes - This looks delicious and good to taste. Corn flour powder, pepper powder and Corrinader powder can be added in this recipe too. People who are lovers of garlic taste, you can add Ginger garlic paste & Asafoetida . This is more yum!! :)

 A quick tip for side dish : Fryans and Onion Raita.

Photographs for you: 

Onion Rice

Traditional French Fries
Try this out and please post your feedback. This dishes can be done easily by all types of people including men who cooks :) :)