Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Huhhhh !!!

Chennai traffic....huhh!! The worst!! Good thing is, Bus and train are good ways of commuting in chennai. However, commuting by bus is bit worse than train irrespective of the rush!! I seriously wonder where do the ppl go apart from the ppl who go for office, schools and colleges. Simultaneously, I ll also think that is a stupid thought because every one has their own responsibilities to do some thing in this world...!! :)

As population grows, man's invention is also growing equally !! This helps human society in a massive way still it is also complicating day to day life. Doctors say "Please don't get tensed, stay cool!! ".. I burst out laughing for this statement. This is because, Tension is now in every moment..Traffic is the biggest tension for every one now!! Tension's sister is "Chennai's climate" which is again a worst factor!! The hot, hotter and hottest!!! (though it may be cloudy now!!)...

I don want to talk how to control this traffic because I know its a long process :) Lot of initiatives should be taken..I am bored of it thinking what are the effective ways to control traffic !!? I actually thought this when I saw an ambulance stuck up in the traffic..It was really a pathetic situation for them because they have patients inside who are struggling for their life !! Now man's invention became an enemy of another man!! This is the most unfortunate fact happening now!! Do you think this chennai traffic can be controlled at one point if initiatives are taken??!

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  1. I know exactly what you're talking about! I used to live in velachery...

  2. Hey addy, I couldn see ur comment..I havent removed it..However I saw ur comment thru my email..That was too good :)

  3. Controlling traffic can be brought to practice with various ideas. But responsibility from the own self is mandatory for any change to be implemented. Good start Madhu :)Keep going...